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Nutrition for the Dancer

posted 28 Apr 2014, 15:29 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 13:02 ]
Trying to find a book that could teach me how to eat properly, I came across this one written by Zerlinda Mastin. Well, I could not resist not buying it, not only because I was interested in dieting, but also because I was curious to know what sort of eating plan a dancer should follow.

Essentially the book is divided into two parts: in part one, the author gives us an outline of what a dancer’s diet should consist of. She provides thorough information on the role that certain nutrients should have in our bodies, including the importance of eating protein, carbohydrates, fat and fluids before, during and after training. 

Further, the book provides valuable tips for a dancer’s shopping list and even suggests intelligent substitutions of caloric foods with healthier choices that best meet the needs of bodies that are constantly moving.

Part two is about the impact that dance has in our health and lifestyle. She also offers a detailed

eating plan for young dancers, and describes the benefits and disadvantages of popular diets targeted at fast weight loss.

The appendices are full of easy to follow recipes for busy dancers; and offer tips on daily food intake requirements depending on the person’s metabolism and training program.

Carefully written, in an easy to read language, the book is filled with inspiring photographs and contains essential information about the consequences that unhealthy eating habits have on  those who are constantly challenged by their career demands.

I particularly learned a great deal from Zerlinda. The book is great for people who wish to eat healthily including those from other professional backgrounds.

*Outputs from the Healthier Dancer Programme led by Dance UK, where over 1000 dancers were consulted. 

Book Details

Author: Zerlinda Marstin
  • Publisher: Dance Books Ltd; 1st Edition edition (11 Sep 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1852731354
  • ISBN-13: 978-1852731359
  • Search Terms: Nutrition, Well Being, Health
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