All I am

posted 31 May 2014, 15:49 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 23 Apr 2016, 20:25 ]

All I am is a film about a love story of two principal dancers at the peak of their careers.

In the film, Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares, both from the Royal Ballet, tell the story of their lives, how they met , fell in love and then got married. It is a real story that tells the joys and difficulties of a relationship that survived the pressures and demands of their jobs.

The movie is packed with on and off-stage scenes of the couple, featuring images of their  wedding and rehearsals within the Royal Opera House. The work also includes scenes from the Romeo and Juliet ballet and six new works created specifically for Thiago and Marianela by  Liam Scarlett.

I particularly expect nothing less than a touching and inspiring story full of beauty, music and colour. According to its Facebook page. the film is expected to be released this Spring. So watch out the space. Please click here to know more about the film production and details.  

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From a Student to a Star

posted 26 May 2014, 05:16 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 09:59 ]

To mark the fifth anniversary of the White Lodge museum and the Resources Centre, an exhibition with Darcey Bussell’s memorabilia was inaugurated in May this year. The purpose of the event is to showcase Darcey’s trajectory as a student at the White Lodge and her career as a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet.   

The exhibition features costumes worn by the dancer in Sylvia, Prince of Pagodas among other roles. In addition to the the ballet costumes, the exhibition also includes photographs, rare video footages and other personal belongings.  

Admission is free, but booking a place in advance is required. Please see details below:  

Exhibition period 6 May to 6 October 13 14

Booking form can be found here

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8392 8440 - option 7



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The Leanne Benjamin Award

posted 13 May 2014, 04:48 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 10:20 ]

Former Australian Royal Ballet ballerina Leanne Benjamin has put in place a scholarship for young Australian dancers with the support from the Tait Memorial Trust.

Born in  Rockhampton, Australia, Leanne began her ballet classes at four years of age. At sixteen, he joined the Royal Ballet School; and joined the Company in 1992 where he remained for 21 years until his retirement in 2013. After a successful career with the Royal Ballet, and roles created specifically for her, Leanne received an OBE in 2005.

The Tait Memorial Trust was established in 1992 with the aim of supporting Australian artists in the UK, with focus on performing arts. Among its initiatives, the fund provides postgraduate scholarships and offers support for the development of young students; including those from the Royal Ballet School, English National Ballet School and Rambert Dance Company.

The award launching event is scheduled for June 12 at the Royal Ballet School. Besides the master class, Leanne will coach one of the Royal Ballet School students in one of her favourite solos. The event will be a unique opportunity to appreciate the skills of one of the most successful dancers of the Royal Ballet.

For further information on bookings and directions to the Royal Ballet School, please visit the Tait Memorial Trust website here.

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The 15th Biennial of Dance Stirred the End of Summer in Lyon

posted 13 May 2014, 00:31 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 10:18 ]

First posted on October 7, 2012 

The Government of Lyon, has promoted the 15th Biennial of Dance  – 13-30 last September, one of the largest dance festivals in the region. This major event involved a large share of the population (over 98,000 participants), so the streets and squares were packed.

The event promoted dance in the town, and also offered free dance classes to the public. In addition, there was a tribute made to the musical theatre productions showing films from various productions such as Grease, Hair, among others. Discussions and debates between directors, choreographers and dancers on dance films also took place.

With an extremely assorted program, the biennial included workshops on hip hop, African dance, Irish dance, photo contests, shows on new choreographic works, contemporary dance performances and the dissemination of various projects. Well, a feast of possibilities.

For dance professionals and enthusiasts, the biennial is an excellent platform for the expansion of the artistic activity. Of course, many talents will be discovered and many projects will be developed in the future.

For people, this is an excellent opportunity to discover the magic of dance, engage themselves, develop body awareness, or simply have fun.

Ah, how good it would be if all governments promoted events like this. What a pleasure it would be if our dancers’ fate did not depend on politicians’ goodwill who promote dance only when art serves to meet their personal and political interests.

The dance is contagious, is interactive, realises dreams, generates income and employment, increases tourism promotion … Is there anyone who still doubt the transformative power of dance?

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Brigitte Lefèvre Retires

posted 13 May 2014, 00:15 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 09:57 ]

First Posted on October 6, 2012

“Classical technique is the basis, the foundation, 
for all our work at  Paris Opera. Through this foundation
they go beyond and show that dance is not some dusty old art form
but relates to today. I see the art of the dance today.”- Brigitte Lefrèvre

Having taken over from Patrick Dupont in 1995, Paris Opera dance director Brigitte Lefèvre announces her retirement in 2014. Now it’s official! The succession period is open and the name new director will be announced in March by the Opera director Nicolas Joel. The 2014/2015 season programme is already in place and it is expected that the transition process will run  smoothly and without great impact on the dancers’ lives.

There are rumors that Laurent Hilaire, shaped up by Nureyev, may be one of favourite candidates. However, the charismatic Nicolas Le Riche may also be considered for the role.William Forsythe and Alexei Ratmansky have already been mentioned by the media. Although they have created works for the Company, many find that the appointment of these choreographers will be unlikely.

Although Lefrèvre’s directorship included works created by great choreographers ranging from Serge Lifar to Wayne McGregor, Nureyev’s legacy still survives immortalised in his major productions such as Romeo and Juliet, Raymonda, Cinderella and of course the famous staging of La Bayadère.

In times of recession, whoever the new director will be, he or she will have great challenges ahead such as renewing the casting, filling in the auditoriums, reviewing  the Company’s repertoire and investing in new talents, since ballet is responsible for generating a great share of the Opera revenue.

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The Australian Ballet Goes Fashion

posted 12 May 2014, 23:56 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 10:19 ]

First Posted on October 4, 2012

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, the Australian Ballet and fashion magazine Vogue have prepared a sensual photo essay for its November issue. Featuring principal dancers Adam Bull and Amber Scott, the setting could be nothing better than Manoubra Beach in Sydney. Artistic Director David McAllister highlighted the long standing relationship between ballet and fashion such as former partnerships such as Diaghilev/Coco Chanel and HalstonMartha Graham. The essay has given rise to the Ballet & Fashion exhibition taking place at the National Gallery of Victoria from November 3 onwards.

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Prix de Lausanne 2012

posted 11 May 2014, 09:14 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 10:15 ]

First Posted on December 3, 2011

Created in 1973, the Prix de Lausanne is one of the most prestigious ballet competitions in the world for teenagers aged between 15 and 18, which aims to reveal the artistic potential young dancers while promoting their academic education through a strict health policy for participants.

The 40th Prix de Lausanne will be held between January 29 and February 4, 2012 in Lausanne. Tickets for the finals will be available to the public from January 11, 2012 and can be purchased via telephone by calling +41 (0) 21 310 16 00 or via the contest website. The finals will be televised on February 4 from 15:00 hours (local time) and the award ceremony will be La Télé and ARTE Live Web. On February 5, there will be a gala evening where the following ballet companies will perform:

  • Ballet Biarritz
  • Ballet de l’Opéra National de Paris
  • Dutch National Ballet
  • Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo
  • Royal Ballet
  • Royal Ballet of Flanders
  • San Francisco Ballet
  • Semperoper Ballett Dresden
  • Stuttgarter Ballett

Soon after the performances there will be a gala dinner at the Théâtre de Beaulieu, that can be booked ​​here. See below  the essential information for participation in the competition:

  • List of Documents
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Competition Procedure
  • Growth Diagram
  • Health State
  • Eating Attitude Test
  • Osteoporosis

To mark the event, the competition organisers have created an interactive calendar with videos of the contest that can be accessed each day of the month of December. 

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First Position: A Ballet Documentary

posted 8 May 2014, 15:50 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 09:59 ]

First Posted on September 17, 2011

First Position is a documentary that portrays the backstage of the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), which is one of the largest ballet competitions in the world of ballet, where the main prize is a scholarship to a school of the winner’s choice. 

Within approximately 90 minutes, the filming crew portrays the participants’ physical, emotional and financial difficulties. During the shooting, the film director, Bess Kargman, followed six young dancers of various nationalities between 9 to 19 years old, including interviews with parents, ballet teachers and choreographers.

The documentary portrays the YAGP participants’ journey who aspire to join the company of their dreams. The competition is a unique opportunity for young dancers to start their careers and perhaps one day become famous. During an interview about the documentary, Larissa Saveliev, one of the founders of the contest, said that at first, she used to travel throughout the United States looking for young talents in order to encourage them to succeed in their careers. Bess says that the career is not as fascinating as what is seems on stage, because the constant battle to succeed technically and the quest for the greatest roles never ceases. However, children who are really keen to train as dancers must learn from an early age how to deal with the disappointments and frustrations of life.

The premiere of the documentary took place on September 11 at the 36th Toronto International Film Festival; and other sessions are scheduled for Washington DC, New York and other cities. I hope that this documentary will soon be available in several countries and I look forward to the DVD release.

To know more about First Position, click on documentary page here.

Please visit the TIFF website for the Questions & Answers session between Bess Kargman and Brian McKechnie

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Maria Kochetkova on the Big Screen

posted 8 May 2014, 13:09 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 10:02 ]

irst Posted on August 20, 2011

Maria Kochetkova, principal dancer of the  San Francisco Ballet, has shot the "Masha, a portrait of Maria Kochetkova" e documentary on the progress of her career and her life as a dancer.

The filming team has managed to raise the funds for the completion of the project through the Kickstarter website. According to the amount given, donors may receive an autographed copy of the DVD or may attend the reception cocktail in the presence of Maria and the film director Bronwe Parker Rhodes.

Maria has said that the documentary is now ready and the first demonstration took place on the 17th August in San Francisco. The final version is expected to be launched later in the year. Watch this space, as it is worth checking it out.

Born in Moscow, Maria has completed her studies at Bolshoi Ballet School, passed through the English National Ballet, the Royal Ballet and finally joined the  San Francisco Ballet as a principal dancer in 2007. In addition to her commitments with the  San Francisco Ballet, she appears as a guest artist at the Stanislavski and the Bolshoi Theatre, Mikhailovsky Theatre, Tokyo Theatre and several other companies including participation in galas and other contemporary pieces.

Maria has received many awards and has become popular for having won the Superstars of Dance competition.

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Tatyana: the new Deborah Colker's Show

posted 8 May 2014, 05:44 by Juliana Araújo   [ updated 21 Jun 2014, 10:16 ]

The Companhia Deborah Colker, one of the most renowned contemporary dance groups in Brazil, perform their  new show Tatyana in several Brazilian States. The next show takes place on 06 and 07 August at the Teatro Castro Alves. Critically acclaimed, the show is based on the novel “Eugene Onegin”, published by Aleksander Pushkin (1799-1837), If you happen to be in Salvador on those dates, it’s worth checking it out. For further information, please visit the Company’s website here.

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